15 day blog introspection challenge – in one go! or two….

Guylty had a Muse day and to prevent a summer recess oder Saure Gurken Zeit, she has come up with her own little Blog Introspection Challenge on Tuesdays,
her new Muse Day.

She gave us bloggers, „15 blog-related questions. To be answered in a post. Each. Or in one. With links, pictures. Diving into the stats and into the archives, to understand the why and the how of blogging Armitage – or any other topic, for that matter. This is the challenge“:

blog intro challenge

Currently my life is already fairly busy and I decided to deal the challenge in one go! or two, we will see……

1. What made you start blogging?
It´s very easy to say, one of the main characters in The Hobbit – a dwarf named Thorin Oakenshield. There was this special moment in Bilbo´s cave, a brief moment, a twinkle in his eyes and something happened with me… ❤
holeAfter this first Hobbit movie I was lost in dwarf universe, trapped in Bilbo´s cave…….
And for the first time in my life I went to the Internet to do some researches about a dwarf and the actor who played this dwarf. I found Herbas Blog, I read her posts, I had an intense conversation with her and the time came I made the insane decision to enlarge my range of action, to share my thoughts, feelings, craziness with other crazy people ❤
just an attempt but it worked, somehow 🙂
here I told the whole story…

2. The significance of your blog´s name?
To find a name for my blog was the most difficult part starting a blog. Every name and email Adress came into my mind was forgiven.
And then, I was sitting in my car, I heard the song ‚Silver Lining‘ by Hurts, I really like this song…

Every cloud has a silver lining, I like this attitude and afterwards I tried the Blogname „silverlining“ but it was (surprise!) forgiven. Some tests later, I finally found Silverbluelining, *hah* NOT forgiven and suitable for the rainbow and silverlining concept……. my blogname was born.
Later I found out, it´s difficult to comment with the name „silverbluelining“ and the response to „silverbluelining“ is a little bit stupid 🙂 –  since then I have been using my nickname suzy...

3. What´s your (usual) blogging process?
I have no usual blogging process. I really like the variety on Herbas Blog and she is a kind of model for me. I am always open for a new topic. Listening a new song on the radio, reading an interesting article in the newspaper, watching an awesome movie, theatre play or concert, reading a fascinating book……trigger for a research on the Internet about the subject, song, movie, person …….. and a new post on my Blog. 

4. What´s your favourite post?
I do not have a preferred post.  I write about a variety of topics and I have my favourites in the specific categories……
The research for the kiss was very funny, so many wonderful articles, movies, pictures concerning kisses ❤
Writing about the little witch was great fun, for the love children´s book challenge….
And I love the most of my music videos 🙂
And to my favourite subject Richard Armitage?
The Hobbit one last time and Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood are the posts I love the most

ja zurück   winkewinke

5. Which post got the most views?
Until recently, Hozier´s Take me to church is/was my post with the most „clicks“: a lynch mob of aggressive masked people are chasing a young man. A few sequences before you have seen the young man in a passionate embrace with his friend. There are protests of Russian government opponents protesting against the homophobic policies of their country. Dramatic scenes in black and white, which are accompanied by the fervent, impassioned vocals of Hozier. But here is another video of the song with the dancer Sergei Polunin, directed by David LaChapelle:

But with the dead of Pierre Brice, the actor of Winnetou, my first Love as a child on the TV, my first Blogpost „Winnetou was the beginning...“ has almost reached Hozier….

6. Which post continues to give?
Sorry, I just don´t have any idea 😦
There´s no special post that brings the most traffic on this blog and there´s no special post that has had a lasting influence on me, apart from Richard Armitage……

7. Which post has the most comments?
It is no surprise, a blogpost about Richard Armitage has the most comments, a reblog of the Anglophile channel: richard-armitage-takes-the-lead-role-in-elliott-lesters-psychological-thriller-sleepwalker/
And another NO surprise – cRAMerry left the most comments on my Blog. 🙂 Thank you cRamerry for the stimulating conversation!!

To be continued!!! ❤

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9 Antworten zu 15 day blog introspection challenge – in one go! or two….

  1. CraMERRY schreibt:

    Hoppla, es lohnt sich wirklich, immer bis zum Ende zu lesen. Danke 😀 ❤
    Werde auch weiterhin mein Bestes geben!

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Servetus schreibt:

    What, cRAmerry left the most comments on your blog??? No way.

    Gefällt 1 Person

  3. Hariclea schreibt:

    ich mag die Vielfalt sehr und man lernt ja immer was Neues und auf die Musik am Wochenede freue ich mich auch immer sehr :-)))

    Gefällt 1 Person

  4. Herba schreibt:

    Awww, danke für die Erwähnung und fürs Verlinken! :*

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • suzy schreibt:

      Och gern geschehen. Irgendwie könnte ich sagen Du bist an allem schuld? Nein, Blödsinn! Monsieur A. ist schuld. Du warst nur die Erste über deren Blog ich gestolpert bin und seitdem klebe. Gerne kleben bleibe 🙂

      Gefällt 1 Person

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